About Me

I am a 42 year old man and still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up.  I’ve spent a lifetime listening to others tell me how I should live my life…and frankly…the advice I’ve been given just doesn’t fit. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea…I’ve accomplished a lot in my lifetime, but I’ve done this on a path much less travelled.

I grew up in the MidWest in a somewhat lower middle class neighborhood in my early years. I didn’t know it because I felt I had everything I really needed. We moved to the suburbs (middle class) and it was there that I met other kids who had parents that were doctors, lawyers, officers, etc.  Hence, I thought I needed to be a doctor or a lawyer to make it in life. I worked hard in high school and got a scholarship / appointment to the US Air Force Academy.  I graduated from the Academy with a degree in Biology and a minor in engineering.

As an active duty officer, I was a Space Acquisition Program Manager.  It is a fancy title for…weDSC_0106ll let’s just say I was one of the most incompetent decision makers in a room full of rocket scientists.  I listened to what the actual rocket scientist recommended and it worked out well for me.

I realized quickly I did not desire to make the military life a career. I enjoyed it and definitely did not have any regrets…it just wasn’t for me.  While I was active duty, I started a real estate brokerage.  At one time, I had 12-15 part time agents working for the company.  The key word is part time and by definition it means inexperienced moonlighters.  I didn’t like it. What I did like was real estate.  I loved it…I still do.

Everything changed when I helped my very first person out of a distressed / foreclosure situation.  It was as if a lightbulb went off and I finally understood there was a unique path that didn’t involve managing others.  It was based on my own risk tolerance and it was different…constantly changing.

I sought out a mentor…Ward Hannigan of Innovest is a diamond…you just wouldn’t know it until you talk to the guy.  I owe him a debt of gratitude that could never…ever…ever…be repaid.

This blog contains valuable information I would like to share.  And if you find this information useful, feel free to reach out.  I am willing to train others…IT IS NOT FREE…NOTHING WORTH VALUE IS EVER FREE!

I’ve been practicing distressed real estate since 2001.  It has been the one thing that I can tell you…with certainty…will help you build wealth.

Better for grownups just means most of us still haven’t figured out how to be financially free.  We listen to all the wrong people.  We constantly trust those who are no more competent than ourselves.  This site is dedicated to anyone who desires to make a little more money and become financially free.

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